“The Allied Touring team members are experienced and creative problem solvers. Their knowledge and understanding of our industry is unparalleled, and they are a company of true collaborators. We always look forward to working with them.”

Meredith Blair

President, The Booking Group

“I always find great comfort in knowing our touring production is the in the uber capable hands of the fantastic Allied Touring team. It’s one less thing that I have to be concerned about when mounting or operating a production. They are well-liked and respected within the industry, which is paramount.”

Randy Buck

CEO, Troika Entertainment

“It is always a pleasure to work with Allied Touring. There is a level of service you can count on that is unparalleled in this industry. As a team, they bring passion, creativity, and real knowledge to the table.”

Al Nocciolino

President, NAC Enterprises

“The team at Allied Touring brings deep insight and analysis to the marketing and promotion of Broadway shows across the US and Canada. With their knowledge and experience of each individual market, they help us traverse the unique challenges each market brings. And their ability to anticipate problems in the weeks leading up to an engagement, as well as knowing how to solve them, makes Allied an invaluable member of any touring production’s team.”

Joey Parnes

Producer & General Manager, Joey Parnes Productions

“We work in a business based on relationships that depend on mutual trust and respect. Allied Touring is a partner that brings an unwavering professionalism and dedicated work ethic to everything they do. We are proud to call them our partners and we rely heavily on their guidance in the industry.”

Nancy Gabriel

Producer & Vice President, Work Light Productions

“There is no team more talented than Allied Touring. They are smart, creative, and passionate. They care deeply about their clients and the artists whose creativity fuels our business.”

Tom Gabbard

President & CEO, Blumenthal Performing Arts

“When representing your show on the road, there is nothing like the personal touch of having the experts of Allied Touring on your side. Their vast experience combined with their grasp of the uniqueness of each production gives always gives us as managers the confidence that we are in good hands.”

Devin Keudell

Partner & General Manager, Bespoke Theatricals

“As a booking agent, we count on the tour press agent to know the ins and outs of every market, supporting the tour and maximizing the success of every date. Allied Touring is an outstanding partner and we breathe a sigh of relief when they’re on a tour we’re booking. Their expertise and dedication come through on every tour, and they are an absolute delight to work with. We’d happily have them on every tour!”

Stephen Lindsay & Brett Sirota

President & CEO, The Road Company

“Allied Touring has a comprehensive knowledge of and takes an innovative approach to marketing live entertainment. They are thoughtful listeners and good collaborators.”

Gina Vernaci

Executive Producer, PlayhouseSquare

“When we book a new Broadway season, discovering that Allied Touring is representing a show is always reassuring, for several reasons. The Allied team is expert at understanding the industry and particularly the show itself. They offer creative and effective solutions to issues, react quickly to our needs and concerns, and are always willing to talk through any situation. Furthermore, they work tirelessly to ensure we have a successful engagement. I view our relationship with Allied Touring as a true partnership.”

Caroline Crocker

SHN Presents, General Manager

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